Archlifter Type-1





The Type 1 Archlifter is the original, fully adjustable Archlifter that was designed for gym, clinic or home use. The Type 2 is meant for personal use in the gym or at home. They are both extremely durable, made from steel and each Archlifter comes with a set of Small, Medium and Large mouthpieces. The mouthpieces each have a pad for pushing on the upper teeth.

The main differences between the two devices stem from the group that the device is designed for. The original fully-adjustable version can serve any user, whether they have teeth or not, if they have bridges, partials, full dentures, implants and so on. There is the option of a custom palate pad, a custom soft dental and palate pad, and so on. The new version is designed for those who have good, stable teeth.
Another difference is that the original Archlifter has an easily swappable mouthpiece- ideal for a family with more than one user. It’s quite easy to purpose this device in a clinic, gym etc. where users can share a device and perhaps obtain their own mouthpiece, and bring it along when they enter the clinic or gym. The new design has the ability to swap out the mouthpieces, however there will be a knob to unscrew, and it does not just “drop in” like the original version.
Further, in the fully-adjustable version, the frame is adjustable in many different angles for the optimum configuration no matter how sensitive the user. Those who use palate pads typically use different angles- owing to the different angle present in the anterior palate.
The new Type 2 is quite a bit less expensive to manufacture. (About 50% less) and is quite simple. It’s stripped down design is based on user testing with the fully-adjustable version. Those users who have a good, stable dentition favor a limited range of angles. The new design can also change angles, but only with the sliding connector on the top. The user can adjust the angle however- only by using his or her feet. To change the angle one need simply to move back and forth with the feet. This can also be accomplished in the gym on a weight pulley type traction machine. You can see me using the device in a gym on the FB page and YT channel. Simply search for Archlifter on Youtube.
For maximum comfort and protection of the teeth, I do recommend that you obtain a custom acrylic mouth guard for the upper dentition from your dentist. We have found that it helps the silicone pad last longer as well. Some of the users have reported that they get started with the acrylic guard and then decide that they don’t really need it. However that is up to you as a user. In each case, I recommend covering the pad material, whatever type you have, with a plastic hygienic barrier such as a small sandwich bag, etc. I know also that some users prefer an athletic type guard, available in sporting goods stores.
Both versions ship with S,M and L sized dental mouthpieces. They are designed- as I stated above- to push on the teeth. For those who have a stable dentition, the usability and stability of the dental pad on the teeth make it the most-preferred option. We do have special-order Extra-small mouthpieces available. They are very rarely needed, and so we ask you that you please make sure you actually need such a small mouthpiece before you order one. The dimensions of the mouthpieces are available on its product pages.

We have posted on the website blog how to use sliced cheese to measure your upper teeth.

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