Archlifter™ The Ultimate Neck Traction Device

Introducing the Archlifter™ Balanced Cervical Traction Device.
The Archlifter™ uses the strongest traction points on the human skull: the upper jaw and the occiput.
These traction points have important advantages that allow the Archlifter™ to deliver safe and effective traction. The upper jaw is a very strong arch, and this is the key to the Archlifter’s unique effectiveness.

Most of the symptoms of spinal degeneration are caused by the slow accumulation of the effects of gravity and slouching or screen hunch. It’s these daily forces on your back and neck that add up over time. Traction with the Archlifter™ should be thought of as a daily antidote to gravity and screen hunch. This is where the Archlifter™ shines- it allows you to counteract gravity and screen hunch at the same rate- daily in your own home.